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AMD unveils first Threadripper CPUs

Not statisfied with beating Intel's mainstream desktop CPUs into a silicon pulp, AMD is now setting its sights on the high-end  desktop markets , unveiling its latest many-core Threadripper CPUs. The Ryzen Threadripper 1950X has 16 cores , with the ability to handle 32 threads with AMD's simultaneous multi-threading (SMT) tech. It will  be clocked at 3.4GHz at stock speed , with a turbo speed of 4 GHz.

The CPU is also physically massive ,  as it effectively combines two 8-core Ryzendies in a single package , which will have interesting implications for cooling. Several people online have also cracked the heatspreader off early samples and apparently confirmed that AMD uses solder between the die and heatspreader ,  unlike Intel’s Skylake-Xchips , which use thermal paste between these components.

There’s no UK pricing yet ,  but with a price of $999 US(around£763) , the16-core 1950X is
going to be a very serious competitor to Intel’s 10-core Core i9-7900X, the price of which has already dropped significantly to around £860 inc VAT  . A 12-core CPU called the Ryzen Threadripper 1920X has also been announced, with 24 threads via SMT and a 3.5GHz(4GHz turbo) stock clock speed . Both CPUs are due to be available later in August this year, and will come in a fancy box(pictured) too.


Insomnia 61

Ready your Cosplay outfit, pack up your gaming rig and prepare yourself for a whole weekend of gaming. The gaming gurus at Multiplay are will shortly be readying Birmingham’s massive NEC venue for the next Insomnia festival ,  i61 ,  on 25-28 August. Lots of events are planned ,  including Rocket League , Overwatchand League of Legends tournaments, and you can bring your own PC to hook up to the LAN too . Lots of gaming celebrities will be there , along with plenty of top PC brands, from Corsair and Razer to Overclockers and Ebuyer. There are also zones for VR gaming , retro gaming, table top gaming, indie gaming and Minecraft . See for more information.

VR for under a grand

Over clockers has pulled out all the stops for its latest VR deal , which not only features a full gaming PC, but also in corporates an Oculus Rift headset , complete with Touch controllers ,  all for £999 inc VAT. Not surprisingly , the PC has a fairly basic spec ,  with a multiplier-locked 3 GHz Core i5-7400 CPU , an Asus H110 motherboard , 8 GB of RAM and a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB . That may be just enough power to handle VR at a base level ,  but you’ll need to be careful with the graphics settings. TheOculus Rift has a resolution of  2,160x 1,200, or 1,080x 1,200 per eye, refreshing at 90Hz. You can buy the Gaming Optic Special Edition Gaming PC and Oculus Rift VR Bundle from overvclocker now for £999 inc VAT.


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AMD unveils first Threadripper CPUs Not statisfied with beating Intel's mainstream desktop CPUs in ... Read More


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